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Things That Happen Every 60 Seconds On The Internet [Infographic]

Did you know that, every 60 seconds, there are over 695,000 status updates on Facebook, 19,000 PayPal payments, over 12,000 new Craigslist ads and 98,000+…

What Annoys People About Emails [Infographic]

Here is an awesome infographic by ccLoop, the winner of the 2011 AlwaysOn Global 250, focused on the growth of Email, volume of Email in…

The Environmental Cost of SPAM [Infographic]

Did you know that SPAM has also a considerable environmental cost? The folks at WebpageFX have calculated the carbon footprint of the world’s spamming activities and they discovered…

The Value of Email [Infographic]

Email is still the most used, most valuable and highly-prized real estate on the Internet. According to SmarterTools, there are “nearly 3 times as many email…

Email Campaign Delivery Checklist [Infographic]

10 things to do before hitting the “send” button (especially be careful to double check #1, #6 and #9). Source:    

Happy 28th Anniversary Email!

It was 28 years ago today, Aug 30th 1978, when a 16 18 year old guy named Shiva Ayyadurai copyrighted “EMAIL” along with terms like…

The History of Email [Infographic]

Happy 40th Anniversary, Email!

Why Email Marketing Is Still In Vogue [INFOGRAPHIC]

Email advertising still produces a significantly higher ROI than traditional forms of direct marketing.  Awesome infographic by Flowtown. Flowtown – Social Media Marketing Application


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