5 FREE Mother’s Day Email Templates for SendBlaster

Looking for some colorful and lovely Mother’s Day Email Templates?

We have designed a new set of 5 Mother’s Day Email Templates that you can download for free, customize and send out with SendBlaster.
We all know that Mother’s Day is the perfect day to show appreciation and gratitude. Actually, it’s also the second largest shopping day of the year, and a prime holiday for email marketing too.
Don’t miss it!

download mother's day email template

How to get started with Mother’s Day HTML Email Templates

Simply follow the instructions provided below:

  • Download this zip file (5.9MB)
  • Unpack the package
  • Extract and copy .eml files in C:/Documents/SendBlaster2/Template (in C:/Programs/Sendblaster/Template for SendBlaster 1.x versions)
  • Open SendBlaster (or download a free copy)
  • Select “Compose message”
  • Click on “Choose template”
  • Choose your favorite Mothers’ Day email template
  • Customize your template with your logo/fonts
  • Add your customized message
  • Done! Now you are ready to send your custom Mother’s Day email.


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