Today's guest post is written by Sarah Becherer, business development manager for TemplateZone, a Boston-based company specializing in dynamic templates and editing tools for email marketing and desktop publishing.

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Guest Post – Life’s Too Short to Start From Scratch

It’s a lovely summer evening – the air has cooled but sunshine’s still warming the sidewalks, & you’re… at work? What are you still doing there?

Oh, designing your next email campaign. Uh, nope, I’m not sure how to add a border to your photo – or what to do about those weird line breaks. You had better figure it out, though, or you’re going to miss the gelato that we’re all eating for dinner.

This sentiment, of course, carries over into other seasons: why slave over something specialized like coding HTML emails, when you have so much other stuff to do?

Do you (a super-busy small business professional) really need to learn how to craft an effective, engaging email using programs with a high price and even higher learning curve? Well, hiring an internal designer is a big investment – and outsourcing every single email campaign will get expensive, fast.

But it’s not just HTML that you will have to master: image editing is integral, as you’ll need to re-size & appropriately reference pictures in your emails. Domain expertise ensures that your emails render consistently in every inbox, across a slew of email clients. (I’m telling you this because you’ll need to learn that, too.)

Maybe there’s an alternative. Should you resign yourself to hours upon hours of acquiring HTML competence – time that you could better spend in a thousand ways – or is there some magical program that can help you out?

This is where High Impact eMail appears: a mystically easy-to-use desktop email designer that allows you to craft your own branded email marketing from HTML templates, with editing tools more instant & intuitive than your fairy godmother’s magic wand.

TemplateZone created High Impact eMail to fill a gap for bustling small businesses that want to look consistent and professional online but simply don’t have the time or resources for designing expert emails. Other time- & resource-saving features include: company/user profiles that automatically populate templates with contact info, save-able Color Themes and a slick Color Picker than plucks colors from logos, websites, images & more.

Our templates let you translate your idea into a great-looking email just as quickly as you came up with it. That saves you time & money – and makes YOU the boss of YOUR email marketing.

SendBlaster users have hit the jackpot with High Impact eMail because not only do they get 600 fully-customizable HTML template designs, a dynamic Email Editor & built-in Photo Editor, but High Impact eMail will pop finished emails right into SendBlaster with a single click!

Using HTML templates to build your emails is a smart decision because, let’s face it: life’s too short to start from scratch. Whether your need to do something else for your business or for yourself, the time that you save with High Impact eMail will be put to good use.

Now go eat some gelato before </summer>.

About the author

Sarah Becherer is the business development manager for TemplateZone, a Boston-based company specializing in dynamic templates and editing tools for email marketing and desktop publishing.  Besides questing to help small businesses look more professional while saving time & money, Sarah’s hobbies include yoga, dog-walking & giving high-fives.   She can be contacted at