10 Free Valentine’s Day Email Templates for SendBlaster

So it’s Valentine’s Day again! Are you willing to spread a little love (and some great promotions) to your subscribers with a lovely Valentine’s Day email template?

According to recent statistics Valentine’s Day is the second-biggest card-giving day after Christmas. It’s definitely the right time of the year to show customer appreciation and to remind them what you have to offer.
To help you make it easier, we’ve created a collection of 10 Valentine’s Day Email Templates - including 5 responsive templates – that you can grab, easily customize and send with SendBlaster.


How to get started with Valentine’s Day HTML email templates:

  • Download this zip file
  • Extract and copy .eml files in C:/Documents/SendBlaster3/Template
  • Open SendBlaster (or download a free copy)
  • Select Compose message
  • Click on Choose template
  • Choose your favorite Valentine’s Day email template
  • Customize your template with your logo, your fonts…
  • Add your customized message

..and finally send your custom Valentine’s email out to your recipients!

Please note that this package contains a number of templates we already provided in the past. If you have already downloaded them, there will be no issues. We did not rename them, so you will not find any duplicates in your copy of SendBlaster.

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