How to filter addresses with SendBlaster

listToday we’d like to focus on a simple but effective way to filter addresses of your list. In SendBlaster it’s possible to send a message to a subgroup of addresses in the list temporarily activating/deactivating one or more items, without having to unsubscribe them. By combining this feature and the sorting/grouping functionalities you will be able to create powerful filtering to be applied to mailing processes.

Let’s clear some things up. If a “City” field is defined you can send a message only to those that live in a specific city, temporarily disabling all other addresses. If a “Job” field is defined you’ll be able to send a message only to certain professional categories (it will also be possible to combine these 2 filters using the grouping functionality: the addresses will be grouped by “City” first and then by “Job”).

To quickly create filters, just follow these few steps:

  1. Select a specific list inside “Manage lists” section
  2. Disable all addresses > Right click mouse and choose “Select all” and then “Disable selected addresses”
  3. Group them > Click on a column header to group data by that column
  4. Enable only the ones you are interested in > Select the 1st and the last address and use CTRL+Shift to expand the selection. Finally right click mouse and select “Enable selected addresses”.
  5. Done! Now you can create and send your newsletter only to the enabled addresses.

Please note that disabling of one or more addresses will also enable you to create exclusion lists (addresses to which no message will ever be sent, not even if the user will spontaneously subscribe to the list).