How to expand your subscribers list

Effective email marketing campaigns can really help you achieving your goals. Newsletters let you deliver the most up-to-date information directly to your customers’ email boxes.
But how can you collect email addresses?
In this post we listed a couple of good practices that may help you grow your newsletter subscribers base.

Post great content
Publish good content that people want to share and give your subscribers an easy way to submit it to social bookmarking sites like Reddit, Diggit, If you’re on Twitter tweet your newsletters to your followers too.

Add your newsletter subscription form to your website/blog.
Make it easy! Do not ask for too much information. Name and addresses are quite enough. A good idea is to include a privacy advice like “We respect Your privacy . We will not rent or sell your email address” as well as a little explanation regarding what you are going to offer (resources, tips, updates…). Be sure to include a link to a sample issue.

Add extras to your newsletter
Try to boost your subscribers offering some extras. Some ideas: a free copy of your course, a free admission to your member area, a free ebook not available anywhere else and by creating a contest for new subscribers.

Set up a Google Adwords campaign focused on email addresses
Google AdWords can be a great part of your lead generation strategy.
Build effective landing pages that lead to the action you want and be sure to include an email sign-up on them! Your Adwords campaigns should then be properly set up in order to reach your targeted audience. You may also consider to integrate your PPC campaigns with Google Analytics: you will be able to track them and to measure the effectiveness of your ads.

Think SEO
More targeted traffic from search engines means more visitors and of course more chances to get new subscribers. If you’re going to publish your newsletters on your website be sure to optimize your content for the search engines. It means that your newsletters should follow all the best SEO practices such as title tags, alt tags, meta descriptions, etc.

Go Offline!
Mention your e-zine everywhere because the more you mention it the more subscribers you will get. Offline too. For instance attending focused trade shows. Make sure to print flyers and business cards. And give a good reason to visitors to subscribe to your newsletter (e.g. offering an exclusive discount).

Good practices for increasing subscribers are innumerable. You just need to select a couple of them and start testing. In the meantime your email list will grow and you’ll find the right solutions for your ad campaigns. Soon you will realize that you do not need to buy email lists. We really discourage this bad practice, simply because it does not work and it may put your brand reputation at risk!