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We have just started a directory which lists a selection  of individuals, companies and non-profit organizations using SendBlaster for their e-mail marketing campaigns.

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If you are using our software too, just fill out this form.

Please take the time to read over our submission guidelines to avoid your website being rejected for inclusion in our directory:

. Only submit your Home Page
. No adult sites or adult related content.
. No sites under construction or with broken links or missing images.
. No sites that redirect visitors to another site or affiliate sites
. No sites selling or advertising weapons, drugs and other illegal products.
. No on-line casinos, gambling and betting sites
. No illegal sites containing copyright infringement, plagiarism, violence, fraud, racism, vulgarity or warez.
. Sites with popups / pop unders will not be listed.

We don’t ask for a link back on your site – but it’s obviously very appreciated! ­čśë