How To Schedule Your Mailings With SendBlaster 2

All SendBlaster 2 users are able to schedule their mailings to be sent out at specific dates. It is a very simple operation that allows improving your email marketing activities.
Here are the key steps to follow:

  1. Open SendBlaster (v.2)
  2. Click on the ‘Compose Message’ panel
  3. Edit your message
  4. Click on ‘Send panel’
  5. Make sure all your settings are correct
  6. Click on ‘Send Later…’
  7. Choose a Title for your scheduled mailing
  8. Select a date a time you want to be sent, then ‘Ok’
  9. Click on ‘Run in schedule Mode’ in the pop up window

Well done! Your mailing will be sent at the date and time you selected.

We have also prepared a short video tutorial that demostrates how to schedule your mailings to start a specific date and time …in just 1 minute!

In the ‘Schedule’ panel you can schedule current mailing operation (button New), change schedule date for the selected scheduled mailing operation (Edit date), preview the selected scheduled message (E-mail preview), start the selected mailing operation (Send Now), or delete one or more mailing operations (Delete).
Mailings can also be “parked”: it means that they are ready for being sent, but they will not be automatically launched.  You will be able to manually launch it at a later date.

Finally,  keep in mind that scheduled mailings are only launched when SendBlaster is in “Schedule mode”, in other words when it’s minimized in the tray area.
No mailings, even if the scheduled time has elapsed, will be automatically launched if the software is in “normal” mode.