Real Customers, Real Questions, Real Answers

SendBlaster‘s customers enjoy free support for life.  Our operators are ready to solve any  issues through a ticketing system, able to keep track of  each request in an efficient way.
In addition, anyone (free users included) can join us on Facebook and Twitter and ask general questions on any topic.

Today, we’d like to share a couple of questions we answered in the recent past on our social profiles, so others can benefit too:

1. Can you tell me where SendBlaster keeps smtp logs?
You can access them from “History” – select a mailing and press “log” button. The original text files are saved in “My documents\SendBlaster2\history” folder.

2. History indicates emails are sent. However, Gmail gives messages that there is a permanent delivery failure of the same address. Is Gmail giving wrong results?
When you use SMTP, you can only know whether a message was sent, which means accepted by the SMTP server; this doesn’t mean it has reached the recipient – you need to process the bounce-backs for this.

3. I have installed the Free Version of SendBlaster. Now I need to uninstall it. How do I do?
Go to Windows Control Panel, Installed Software, then select SendBlaster and click the “Uninstall (or Remove) Button”.

4. I m running multiple sites. Can I use the same SendBlaster program for each site? Can I add multiple sent from email address and change which one i use in between?
Sure, you can use 1 copy for multiple sites, and you can use a different “From” (sender) address with each mailing – you choose it in “Send” panel. You can store multiple profiles using snapshots

5. Is TrackReports report of emails read based on images?
It is based on images for tracking openings (thus, opens are underestimated, as with any stats system); it is based on redirection (and therefore, very accurate) for clicks.

6. I would like to export my email (*.eml) file to a fully self-contained HTML file for posting and archiving to my website.
You can copy the HTML code directly in a new HTML file; but it’s not possible to embed images (HTML doesn’t allow it) – so, it will not be a self-contained html file, you still need to upload images separately (and change paths accordingly).

7. I was wondering from which email-id can we send the mails from?
You can send from any address (as long as your SMTP provider allows this).

8. I get this message “server replied with invalid authentication response”.
That message is a login failure with the SMTP server; it means that some of the SMTP account data (username, password, SSL, port) is not correct. Since it was working before, our best guess is that your SMTP provider has changed something in your account, so we suggest you double-check with them to see if anything has changed.

9. Is SendBlaster simply an emailer or does it also have newsletter templates that I can work with to create my newsletter? Can I send from multiple lists?
Yes, we have 130+ templates (and you can import / create your own), and yes, you can send from multiple e-mail addresses and manage multiple lists.

10. When I send message for list of E mails contain 100 customers , the program send only for first 15 email adress and the other e mails cant be sent.
Maybe your SMTP service has some limits in the number of messages which can be sent in a given time frame.  In order to be able to better help you, we need to see the logs.

11. Will I be able to send bulk email to more 600,000 people?
Once you get the PRO version you can send unlimited emails to your subscribers. We strongly recommend that you use a dedicated SMTP server for higher deliverabilty rates. Surely, you can try those ones offered by your ISP provider or hosting company but nowadays they come with very strict limitations in order to avoid spam. Keep also in mind that we allow sendings only to permission email lists – SendBlaster does not allow unsolicited bulk email, we are very strict about this.

12. While I try to purchase SendBlaster PRO, you keep saying you cannot process the credit card
Our bank’s credit card gateway (Xpay) processes cards on behalf of us (that’s for customers security). If it is not possible to complete the transaction through your credit card, pleas try purchasing with Paypal. You don’t need a Paypal account, you can use your credit card on Paypal too.

13. We track unsubscribers via our own site and database, can we just continually update SendBlaster’s database with our own data of new and existing customers?
Using custom formats, SendBlaster can process bounces generated by virtually any SMTP server, as long as they contain the failed recipient address in plain text format.

14. My SendBlaster keeps saying every e-mail that it could not find mail exchanger for given recipient, what the hell does that mean?
Generally, it means you are using direct sending, but your ISP doesn’t allow MX queries (searching for mail domains). You should use an SMTP service instead.