The Bacon Invasion [Infographic]

Did you know that spam has a more legitimate cousin called “bacon” (or bacn)?
By definition, bacn is solicited email notifications. The term – originally coined in August 2007 at PodCamp Pittsburgh 2 – refers to solicited messages that seemed as invasive in a users inbox as spam. For example bacon is the Twitter updates, Facebook notifications, Google Alerts and email confirmations for new accounts.
They are all notifications that we wait for, but they actually are not as important as the email from your friends, collegues, sons, etc.

According to the infographic below – designed by – spam filters are now blocking 99% of incoming spam messages, while bacon is surpassing wanted email in inbox.   In 2010 there were over 20 billions bacon emails sent per day, that’s 7.300 emails annually for every person with an active email address.  A huge annoying invasion of the inbox.

But spam and bacon are totally different so you should treat them differently.
If you no longer want your bacon, do not mark it as spam! Unsubscribe from it.