How to Solve Character Encoding Problems with SendBlaster

SendBlaster fully supports a wide variety of international character sets. Despite that, sometimes it happens that users with non-latin character sets contact us saying they get encoding issues. No panic!

SendBlaster simply relies on Windows codepage for displaying non-latin character sets (Cyrillic as well as Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, etc).
To solve this sort of encoding problems, simply make sure your language is used both for codepage and for number / dates format. Display language is not relevant.

In short, please follow these basic instructions:

Open Windows Control Panel, Regional and Language Options, and make sure that

1) in “Format” tab, the format for numbers and dates is set to your language (for example Russian) – not to English or any other language.

2) In “Advanced” (WinXP) or “Administrative” (Vista, Win7) tab, the “Language for non-Unicode programs” is set to your language (for example Russian). Changing this will require re-starting your PC.

Finally, when you compose your message, choose “windows-1257” charset and make some tests composing a new message from scratch instead of editing an existing one.

You can also find a good tutorial on this site.

If this does not help, open a ticket and attach the needed files to your request.

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