10 Reasons to Choose a Professional SMTP Service

professional smtp service

Our users know very well that SendBlaster supports any SMTP server in the world.
Standard (free) SMTP servers are good if you manage small email lists. For example Google Gmail allows sending up to 250 daily messages using its SMTP.

If you manage to send thousands of newsletters to your large email list through your standard SMTP server, they may never arrive in your recipients’ inboxes.  Why? Because Internet Service Providers (ISPs) often limit the number of messages a sender can send at once while also aggressively filtering incoming messages.  Professional SMTP services solve these problems. Below are 10 compelling reasons to switch to a dedicated SMTP service provider:

  1. Improved Deliverability – ISPs do their part to eradicate spam by blacklisting IP addresses. Dedicated SMTP service providers work with major email providers to ensure that the dedicated SMTP server remains whitelisted.
  2. Easy Setup – Setting up a professional SMTP service is a simply matter of modifying your email client’s SMTP settings.
  3. Ease of Use – Sending thousands of messages in small batches to get around volume limits is tedious and time consuming. With a dedicated SMTP server, you can send thousands of bulk email messages with a single click from within your email client software.
  4. Faster Delivery Speeds – Standard SMTP servers receive high volumes of traffic, causing delays or error messages. Dedicated servers transport your messages immediately.
  5. Dedicated Servers – Spam complaints against an unrelated sender using a shared SMTP server can adversely affect or delay legitimate messages. With a dedicated SMTP server, this problem is avoided because you are the only one with has access to it.
  6. Phishing Prevention with SPF – In response to email forgery, also called “phishing,” an Internet standard called Sender Policy Framework (SPF) was developed. By limiting the pool of authorized servers to those you specify via SPF, you can dramatically reduce the chances of someone else sending phishing messages that look as if they came from your domain.
  7. Insight – Most dedicated SMTP service providers offer detailed analytics, allowing you to see that your messages arrived, analyze bounce rates, gauge the effectiveness of your email campaigns, and more.
  8. Affordability – There’s no need to buy equipment and the service fees are reasonable. For example, turboSMTP offers low-cost monthly service plans starting at less than $10 per month based on volume.
  9. Flexibility – Pay-as-you-go plans are available for those with occasional bulk mailing needs.
  10. Scalability – Whether you send 5,000 or 5,000,000 messages each month, SMTP service providers allow you to increase capacity as your email list grows.

You worked hard to build your list; make sure your messages reach your recipients by choosing a dedicated SMTP service provider.

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