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What is Responsive Email Design and How it Can Help your Business

The responsive email design is a new concept that revolutionizes the way to create messages. In the early days of email, most users viewed their messages on the same type of equipment. Whether they were using a standard desktop or a portable laptop, the interface was pretty much the same. That meant that marketers and others…
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Are you Matching Your Emails to Your Brand?

Branding your emails allows your recipients to become familiar with your business and helps them to recognize every email you send. Before creating new email templates you should take into consideration your most relevant branding elements and properly integrate them. It’s better not to underrate this point. If your emails do not reflect your business’…
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High Impact eMail for SendBlaster is Now Live!

We are excited to announce that we have partnered with Template Zone to offer you an exclusive edition of High Impact eMail – a popular email marketing template software that includes hundreds  of professional-designed HTML marketing templates. We do love High Impact eMail because all email templates look original and professional. They have unique photo…
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Rich Media/Flash in Emails: Not (yet) A Good Choice

What about incorporating rich video or audio content directly in your emails?  New technologies, like CertifiedVideo from Goodmail, allow marketers to send videos and avoid issues with spam filters. More, HTML5 ha arrived with its new <video> tag that was created to provide native video support using a single codec across all browsers without the…
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