Are you Matching Your Emails to Your Brand?

Branding your emails allows your recipients to become familiar with your business and helps them to recognize every email you send.

Before creating new email templates you should take into consideration your most relevant branding elements and properly integrate them.
It’s better not to underrate this point. If your emails do not reflect your business’ brand identity, your readers may not trust them and, at worst, flag them as spam.

Here are some tips on how to design emails that match your identity:

  • Add your company logo in your emails. Place it in a prominent position for maximum visibility (for example in the top left corner or top center of your email).
  • Pick the colors from your website and use them in your emails. Giving to your emails a similar look and feel of your website helps your subscribers being familiar with your communications.
  • If you are inviting your readers to view an offer in a landing page, make sure that the design match with your brand and your e-mail. Be consistent or you may irritate your readers!
  • If you need to refresh your brand identity it’s a good idea to keep some old graphic elements or fonts so your readers still recognize your messages while you complete the changes.

Again, make sure your readers easily identify your brand in your emails. You will definitely get better results!