Template Design Contest – Win SendBlaster PRO 2!

So the countdown has started! SendBlaster 2 is going to be released soon.
It will be more effective and will include a number of significant improvements. Follow us for further updates!

In the meantime we decided to start a challenge called SB2 Template Contest.
As you know SendBlaster already contains lots of cool templates. With the next release we want to bundle even more amazing and professionally designed templates. And here’s the deal.
Submit the best mass email templates for distribution to general public and we award you with a free upgrade license for SendBlaster Pro 2.

Our Dev Team will select the best HTML email templates and they will be distributed through our website and software.


  • a free upgrade to SendBlaster 2 when it’s out (later this year)
  • a link to your site (and a very valuable one, as our site is high ranked on Google)


  1. High quality templates only
  2. Useful – for lots of businesses (not too specific: a travel agent template is ok, a “holiday in Timbuctu” template is not!)
  3. Easy to modify using SendBlaster’s built-in editor (change images, text formatting, etc)
  4. Clean and tested – no scrambled HTML code or features which are not supported by all major e-mail clients
  5. Original – no templates taken from other sources!
  6. SPAM Clean – maximum MailingCheck’s Spam Rate: 0.5

Ideas from the Dev Team:

The best HTML email templates will be judged by our Dev Team and they will be distributed to general public through our website and software.
Here some hints from them:

  • Email template packs will have priority on single templates.
  • If you submit ten completely different templates, you’ll be more likely eligible to win the contest compared to people whom sent just one template.
  • Color variations does not mean a different template! Maybe you can add two or three color variations for each layout, this will also increase your coolness for the contest.

This Template Contest has no expire date yet ’cause we don’t know how long it will take to receive and select cool templates. Don’t miss this chance, start submitting today!

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