Including A Table Of Contents In Your Emails

When you send a  newsletter consisting of different sections, it’s a good habit to include, right below the header or in the upper part of the sidebar, a Table of Contents.
The Table of Contents is a great way to summarize the contents of the email and, at the same time, is also a great help for your readers  in finding the most interesting contents for them instead of scrolling.
But, how to create it? First of all, instead of calling it “Table of contents”, choose a more friendly name like  “In this issue”, “Quick Links” or “Find it fast”. Now, add the titles of your main sections, paying attention not to exaggerate in lenght. Your “link headlines” must be clear and short so that they capture the attention of your readers without disappointing them when they click through.

Finally, you have to create the “navigation links” for your Table of Contents. They are actually anchor links  HTML tags that reference a specific portion of content on the same page (in this case, an email).

To create a Table of Content link that scrolls to your anchor tag, use the following:
<a href=”#anchor_name”>Table of Content link text</a>

To name text as an anchor, include a name tag:
<a name=”anchor_name”>section title</a>

If your Table of Contents is so long, it reveals that you’ve included too much content in your email. Maybe you should consider editing before hitting the “send” button!