Offline Email Marketing Ideas To Expand Your Email List

email marketingAs stated previously, your in-house email list – the list with subscribers to your web site – gives the best results in terms of opens, clicks and conversions.
Today we’d like to provide some tips on how to expand your list of email addresses through some offline actions.
The first aspect to bear in mind is identifying the right sources to acquire new clients. These sources will obviously be different according to yourtype of business.
Below are some examples.

  • In all direct mailing actions you should inform your clients the option to subscribe to your newsletter, highlighting the various benefits.
  • Create postcards or greeting cards and distribute these freely in places frequented by potential clients.
  • On occasions such as meetings, seminars and tradeshows, focus on building new relationships! More encourage business card exchange, for example handing out small gifts. Remember to send a follow-up email, immediately after this event, to all your new contacts thanking them for their interest.
  • If someone comes to visit your store or office, most likely they are interested in your services or products. Consider to place a signup sheet at the cash register.
  • Promote subscription to your newsletter in collaboration with other companies or dealers with different contents which do not have your contents and who may be prepared to encourage their clients to subscribe.
  • Instruct the switchboard and call centers to promote subscription while customers are on hold
  • Plan telemarketing campaigns to collect targeted addresses.

Please remember that these promotions must be done in a totally transparent manner. It’s all about trust: it is fundamental that the mutual trust is not violated.
Any improper action may not only turn potential clients into disappointed consumers but also into negative testimonials, with possible ramifications for your online & offline reputation.
Think about it!