Reminding Your Subscribers to Update Their Data

According to a recent study conducted by ReturnPath, more than 30% of e-mail users change their e-mail addresses every year.
The main reasons why so many users change their e-mail address are that they switch their ISPs, change their jobs or simply try to avoid spam.

A good way to avoid loosing a large part of your addresses accumulated over years is to remind your subscribers to update their details. This action should be taken
reguarly, not every now and then.

On this occasion it is also important to remind your subscribers all the benefits they get of remaining on your list and why they should update their data.

Here’s a simple example of “subscription reminder”:

Subject: Subscribe Remind

Dear “name”,

This is a reminder, sent out once a month, about your subscription to our
mailing list.

If your e-mail address, your personal details or interests should change any time, please
visit this page and update your data, so you can continue to receive our
vitations and special member-only offers.

This email was sent to “email address”.

If you want to completely cancel your subscription, unsubscribe.

To summarize, if you put this simple practice to work, you are likely to get a cleaner list and less bounces in your future mailings, that means more efficient and cost-effective email marketing.