SendBlaster 2.0.125: New Features, General Improvements, Bug Fixes

We are happy to inform you that we have just released a new version of SendBlaster 2 – which contains some new features, general enhancements and a couple of bug fixes.
This new version is actually the most substantial update for the SendBlaster 2.x series – originally published one year ago.

The main highlights of this latest SendBlaster 2 release (2.0.125) are:

  • SMTP and POP3 profiles can be saved to a file and loaded from a file
  • Snapshots can be saved to a file and loaded from a file
  • Pop-up notifications for relevant news
  • Tracking links can be masked using TinyUrl (experimental)
  • Tracking links can optionally update linked text too, in order to avoid false “phishing” alerts
  • New “Select all” button in “Manage Lists” panel

But there’s even more!  This new version of SendBlaster 2 comes bundled with turboSMTP – one of the most reliable SMTP professional providers on the Internet – in order to offer all SendBlaster users a free, limited account, which will allow them to send up to 100 messages, either with a single or multiple mailings, without having to manually configure it.

The test account does not even require a registration. This will let you fully evaluate the service’s performance and see for yourself why so many users chose turboSMTP services! After evaluating the service, if you are satisfied (we are sure you will be),  you can choose the plan which best suits your needs.

To download SendBlaster 2.0.125 visit this page.
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