Co-registration: An Effective Method to Expand Your Email List

There are a number of common techniques to expand your email list. For example you can offer some extras like a free ebook or a free admission to your member area, sponsor a contest (people love them!) or set up a Google AdWords campaign in order to collect.

Today we focus on co-registration, a bit less popular technique that has proven to be effective over the past few years.

In a recent Marketing Sherpa study, 32% of marketers who collect new email addresses via co-registration offers on third-party sites, say the names collected perform just as well as regular house names.
But, how it works? Co-registrations are generated when someone subscribe to a newsletter or sign up to a website and in the registration process are invited to optin to other offers. Usually this is done using a separate check-box on the signup forms.

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There are a lot of co-registration services on the Internet. Some services charge a a monthly fee, others offer a fixed cost per acquisition (CPA).
For example Media67 prices can range from $.001 to $100.00 per member depending on the volume registrations and the partner site.

But there’s even more. You can also get new optin users with co-regs without paying any fees. All you have to do is finding other publishers focused on the same niche as yours and start collaborating with them.

Even if co-registration has been given a bad name in the past , it still remains a great tactic to build your subscriber base quickly and with targeted optin subscribers. And if you combine it with a double optin process … everyone wins!