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Email Tips – 10 Guidelines For Writing Effective Subject Lines

First impressions are the most important and that applies to emails as well. Whether you are trying to get a reader to join your organization or to shop at your store, you need an effective subject line. It takes a reader less than one second to decide whether or not your email will be opened or deleted. Here are 10 subject line guide lines to grab your reader’s attention.

  1. Discount
    Everyone likes saving money. Offering them a good deal will have the reader intrigued. Be sure that the money saver is something worth opening. “50% off Next Purchase” or “Save Big”
  2. Deadline
    Giving your reader a deadline gives the reader a sense of urgency. Telling them that something won’t last long will have them acting fast. “Don’t wait until it’s too late!” or “Last chance to join”
  3. Humor
    This can be difficult but examine your email content and think of a pun or a statement that will have the reader smiling. Like a cooking email “Recipe for disaster” or an automotive business “Why did the chicken cross the road”.
  4. Personable
    Think about your audience and find a common denominator and then personalize. If they are single young adults, mothers or seniors, address them personally. “Ladies choice” or “Every golferswish list”.
  5. Benefits
    Whether it’s a discount on an item, or news about some new product, we want to know why and how it will benefit us. We are naturally selfish humans. “Clear skin is near” or “You have money saving options”.
  6. Relatable
    Writing a subject line that suggests a common situation that most people face will have your reader opening your email. “Strapped for cash this season?” or “How to shop for that difficult person”.
  7. Short and Sweet
    You don’t have much space or time, so create a subject line that is strong and simple: “Read me” Or “New prices!”.
  8. Curiosity
    Create subject lines that spark the reader’s interest and have the reader wanting to more. “It’s finally here!” or “It’s arrived”.
  9. Must Have
    We want what we can’t have. State that they must have something or else. “This season’s must have shoes” or “Don’t be the last to know”.
  10. Question
    Ask a simple question that gets the reader to think. “Need more room?” or “Tired of looking?”

Your emails have the opportunity to grow your business, but all you have to do is write a subject line that appeals to the reader. Remember to keep it interesting and fun, happy emailing!

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Nancy Parker was a professional nanny ( and she loves to write about wide range of subjects like health, Parenting, Child Care, Babysitting, nanny background check tips etc. You can reach her @ nancy.parker015 @

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