How to Switch Your Email Marketing Service to SendBlaster

With its one-time fee and loads of practical features,  SendBlaster PRO can be considered a compelling alternative to many of the more expensive email marketing service providers.

However, those users who are already using other email marketing services or softwares, may be concerned about possible risks, especially regarding their existing email list. After all, we know how much time and efforts are necessary to build an opt-in list. Fortunately, switching your email marketing service to SendBlaster is easier than you may think…and your list is entirely portable.

On top of that, check what you should do to cancel your current service.  You may need to cancel automatic recurring payments through your Paypal account, accessing your client area or sending an email to their support team. Obviously, every ESP has their own conditions of use. But, no worries. Most of them will allow you to cancel anytime, without fees or extra charges. Simply, double check their terms, in order to avoid possible issues before starting any switching process.

Export your list
Whether you’re using an email service provider such as MailChimp or Aweber or email software such as GroupMail, the most important step is to export your list. All email marketing tools, whether online or software-based, include an export feature. While the steps may vary slightly, expect to be able to export your list to a CSV file which can then be imported as-is into SendBlaster or first modified via Microsoft Excel and then imported.

Some export tools allow you to specify what to export such as active subscribers only. This is important because you do not want to import contacts that have previously unsubscribed as that would violate the CAN-SPAM Act. If your email marketing service provider’s tool doesn’t allow you to export active subscribers only, you will need to open the CSV file in Microsoft Excel (or a similar tool) and delete all contacts that have previously unsubscribed. Save the file on your PC and then import your list into SendBlaster.

Export your favorite template
If you routinely use the same template for your email campaigns and want to continue doing so for the sake of continuity and branding, make also sure to export your existing template to an HTML file and then import it into SendBlaster. Again, the steps vary from one provider to the next. In MailChimp, this is as easy as going to MyTemplates, selecting the template, clicking Export, and saving the file to your computer’s hard disk.

Choose a dedicated SMTP service
Depending on the size of your list, you may want to use a professional SMTP service to ensure deliverability. While you can easily configure SendBlaster to send email via your Internet Service Provider’s SMTP service, most ISPs restrict the number of messages that can be sent within a given time period. SMTP service plans are an inexpensive, scalable solution to restrictions like these.  We recommend turboSMTP, a leading professional STMP service that works great in combination with SendBlaster.

Switching email marketing services to SendBlaster is easy, convenient and hassle-free. If you find you are having any problems using SendBlaster for the first time, please contact our support team or let us know in the comments.