Getting to Know promises to be the next big thing in online promotion and allowing small businesses to get noticed on the internet.
What is It?
Scoop.It is an online curation tool that enables users to create a resource of information for whatever topic they choose. The site’s goal is to give people an easy, quick way to curate their content. Users can set up a page in just a few minutes and begin compiling content via online resources. The pages can be easily edited and added to, and other users can be invited to share their own pages with others who may be interested in the same subject. Visitors can suggest relevant links that they feel the user may want to know about, adding a social element to the online curation tool.  But it’s itself that also helps you to find inspiration, thanks to a powerful suggestion engine based on keywords you first defined. By fining tune your sources, you receive qualitative suggestions.

Here below you can find a funny and explicatory video presentation of Most Useful Features
Shortly, all registered users can:
– create and edit a page about any topic that they are passionate about…It takes just a few seconds!
– receive suggestions about other relevant content from site visitors as well as the suggestion engine.
– discover, rescoop and follow other curations
– invite others to visit your page

Currently, there are 3 versions available:  “for enthusiasts” which is totally free, “for experts” at $12.99 a month and “for companies” at $79 a month.
The Free edition is good enough to get started with, even if some relevant features are not included, like the tracking tools and some useful sharing options.

How to Get the Most out of it?
Content is king – and this publishing platform will ensure that you get lots of it. If you want to get the most out of, then you’re going to have to make sure that you have plenty of quality material on your site about the topic of your choice. This will have visitors coming back regularly. You also want them to recommend other sites and resources; this will add even more content for you. is a great online promotion tool, as it will help you be seen as an industry expert. Link your page to your website for even more visibility, more traffic and more profits!