Email Marketing for Law Firms

Email is one of the fastest and most cost effective ways to get in touch with clients.
Sending emails to clients costs nothing, and it’s a timesaver since you can preload a series of messages to send out on a set schedule. You can also use email marketing to build a relationship with clients to increase your future business. Here are some tips for using email to market a law firm.

Give Your Readers Something of Value
People can unsubscribe from your list with only a mouse click, and if they don’t feel like they’re getting something of value, they’ll quickly remove themselves from your list. Give them something to think about. Keep your customers educated and informed with emails that inform them about new laws or court decisions that could have an impact on their lives. An example? A personal injury attorney can send out safety warnings or information about new product recalls or tips on how to avoid a rear end collision. That’s relevant information people can use.

Think about questions that your clients frequently ask and address them in your newsletter. If you discuss what’s on the mind of your clients, you’re quickly gain a following. Keep your eye on the news for fresh ideas to talk about from a legal perspective.

Don’t Try to Sell
Make your newsletter informative and free of self-promotion. Readers quickly unsubscribe to newsletters that are only focused on selling products and services. Give your newsletter a personal tone, and don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through. If there’s a high-profile case in the news, explain to readers what the issues are and the possible outcomes. Engage your readers with useful commentary.

Gain more readership by making it easy for readers to forward your newsletter to friends and family. If you offer information of value, this will build up your email list quickly.

Don’t Be an Email Marketing Pest
You can take even a good thing too far, and that applies to email marketing too. Most people receive a substantial amount of email each day and will unsubscribe if you visit their mailbox too often. Send out your newsletter no more than once a month, and stick to a regular schedule so people know what to expect.

Speak in a Language Your Readers Understand
Not everyone who reads your emails has a law degree and understands the lingo. Lighten up on the legal language, and speak to readers in a manner they can relate to. Too much legal language and academic concepts will cause some readers to tune out. Make your correspondence relevant and easy-to-understand. Show readers how to avoid mistakes and problems in simple, practical terms. They’ll see you as a lawyer who cares and one they can relate to.

Add Personality to Your Emails
Loosen your tie a bit, and add a touch of humor to your emails. When you add a bit of tasteful humor, you form a stronger bond with your readers and distinguish yourself from other lawyers. Make your readers smile by adding something lighthearted at the end. For example, amusing legal quotes or funny things people say in court. Be careful. When you add humor, you walk a fine line. Avoid humor that could offend your readers.

Keep Readers Waiting for More
At the end of your email newsletter, leave your readers hanging a bit by letting them know what question you’ll be answering next week. Anticipation will encourage people to open your emails as soon as they arrive. What law firm doesn’t want that?