Email Marketing Tips for Photographers

Working as a professional photographer can be very rewarding. As with any business, how you market yourself can mean the difference between success and failure. The most successful photographers have more than skill with a camera – they have marketing savvy as well. Understanding how to market your photographs is just as important as learning to get those great action shots or capturing the most beautiful moments at a wedding.

Email can be an excellent way for photographers to connect with their existing client base, and a great way to build a portfolio of paying customers as well. The key to successful email marketing for photographers is to target your audience and provide them with real value – not just another email.

One of the smartest ways for photographers to connect with their existing and potential customers is through a photo a day email list. Sending out a sample photo each day is the perfect way to keep your photography business at the top of the customer’s mind. Your email might come in just as a bride to be is planning a wedding and thinking about hiring a photographer, or when the coach of the local Little League team is looking for photos of the annual team banquet.

Many successful photographers compliment their daily emails with a comprehensive monthly newsletter. This newsletter could include a list of recent events, complete with live links to images from those events. The newsletter could also contain information about upcoming shoots and special events, as well as contact information and a link to the photogragher’s website. It goes without saying that the newsletter should also contain beautiful images from the photographer’s recent work.

Many people become fans of a particular photographer, so it makes sense for your emails to include information about any upcoming workshops or showcases of your work. If your work is to be shown at a local gallery, be sure to send an email to your list with dates and times, and perhaps a discount offer for those who want to take a framed photograph home with them. This kind of ongoing marketing can be very effective, whether your niche is wedding photography, nature shots or sports photography.

Successful photographers are always promoting their businesses, and one of the best ways to do that is with special offers and discounts on packages. Email is the perfect way to spread the word about those special promotions and other offers, and smart photographers make sure they include plenty of incentives for both new and existing customers.

The best photographers love to share their work and their passion for beautiful photography. That is why so many photographers choose to include how-to guides and tutorials in their email messages. Customers appreciate tips from professionals on how to make their own photos and videos look better, and that appreciation can be reflected in increased sales and greater attendance at upcoming events.

Wedding photographers can use many of the same techniques to market their businesses and gain new clients, but there are some other, more specific, things they can do as well. If your passion is shooting weddings, it makes sense to target your emails to wedding planners, future brides and others most likely to need your services.

No matter what your niche, email marketing for photographers can be a great way to market your photography business and let the world see your talent. Email is an inexpensive form of communication, and that makes it the perfect choice for those just starting out, as well as experienced photographers who want to gain more business and expand their list of satisfied customers.

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Image credit: MikeBaird