Fix It Building Services solves email marketing issues with SendBlaster

sendblaster case study fix it

The Fix It Building Services network is a nationwide franchise company providing complete renovation services throughout New Zealand. Their services include recladding of homes either due to modernisation or leaky building syndrome. The company was founded 6 years ago with the vision of building New Zealand’s leading nationwide trade-based building services organization.
At that time there was no trade-based organisation serving the needs of the whole country. Since then, the Fix It network has grown to 12 franchises covering more than 50 franchise territories from Whangarei to Christchurch.
Their head office, based in Wellington manages all marketing activities for the 12 franchisees with marketing campaigns built specifically for their regions.

Customizing columns, forms and pages to send to their clients became soon a time-consuming activity that they could not afford anymore. “It took longer for us to come up with articles, than it did to create and send a newsletter” said Angela Sayring, Systems Administrator.

They then started searching for a solution, and selected SendBlaster as their new email marketing software.

First, they created multiple email lists since they needed to manage different databases, and customized an email template provided by SendBlaster in order to avoid fomatting issues.

Now they use SendBlaster every day to send regular newsletters and promotional emails to their customers.
“Days of editing are no longer needed as SendBlaster provides easy to use templates that do everything and more to achieve what we need.”

Furthermore, SendBlaster has helped Fix It to grow their database that now includes over 6,500 email addresses collected through promotional advertising, web forms and Home/Trade shows. Their list can be considered large as the population of New Zealand is only 4 million. A big risult achieved easily over a short period.

“We would totally recommend SendBlaster” – said Angela Sayring – “It is one of the easiest packages to use without needing the ability to programme. SendBlaster easily meets the needs of any business wanting to easily set up a marketing database. And most of all, no experience is needed.”

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