How to Make the Most of Your Direct Sales Emails

direct sales emails

With our bulk email software SendBlaster, you can send any form of marketing emails – including newsletters, updates, invitations to special events and also direct sales emails. Those marketing emails can be remarkably effective, but only if you know how to use them properly. Without the right techniques, those direct sales emails will simply mean wasted effort – and wasted money.


What Are Direct Sales Emails?

Direct sales emails are just what they sound like – emails designed to reach out to customers and get them to act. Whether you are trying
sign up for your weekly newsletter or invite customers to your grand opening celebration, direct sales emails can get the job done.

An effective direct sales email will be short and to the point. The email could start out with a powerful headline designed to get the immediate attention of the reader. Once their interest is piqued, the email can go on to explain the benefit of the product, service or experience you are offering.

Direct Sales Emails are still effective

The world of marketing in general – and email marketing in particular – has undergone enormous changes in recent years. From changes to the Google search algorithm to decisions made by the major email providers and spam filters, there are plenty of challenges facing online marketers today.

Some may wonder if direct sales emails are still effective in the 21st century, or if they have outlived their usefulness. The good news is that direct sales emails remain one of the most effective tools for online marketers. These email messages are just as effective as ever – and likely to be so long into the future.

How direct sales emails should be structured

While every direct sales email will be different, the most effective ones all follow the same basic structure. The most important part of any direct sales email is its compelling headline – that headline is what draws the readers in and convinces them to keep reading.

Direct sales emails will explain – clearly and concisely – the benefits of the offer. No matter what the offer may be, it is important that the reader see a clear benefit to acting.

After the headline has enticed the reader, the first paragraph should introduce the company and urge readers to find out more. The following paragraph should explain the features – and the benefits – of the product. Things like reliability, quality and a great price are all wonderful selling points to include in your direct sales emails.

The conclusion of the direct sales email should offer an additional benefit and attempt to close the deal. That extra enticement can be virtually anything, from a free gift to a free dinner at a local restaurant. While the offer may differ, the purpose is the same – closing those direct sales emails with an enticing offer can improve response rates and bring more customers through the door.