SendBlaster 3.1.6 Released

We’ve just released a minor update for SendBlaster 3 that includes some bug fixes and general improvements.


New features added to Domain Inspector

An alert is displayed when sending out a message if no email for list management has been defined, and some merge tag is requiring it

Bug fixes
Fix: “Large font” applies to contacts grid too
Fix: Subscriptions and bounces max timeouts increased to 600
Fix: Timeout while downloading large quantity of bounces and subscriptions
Fix: Inconsistent capitalization of templates categories caused problems
Fix: “Find duplicates” display problem on high (150%) dpi settings
Fix: “Latest bounces” and “Latest subscriptions” word wrapping of long emails disabled
Fix: “Latest bounces” was only recording the first address found in the bounced message when custom format was used (processing was ok)

Are you already using SendBlaster 3? Download and install the latest release. We recommend that you back your SendBlaster data before installing this update.

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