54 FREE Easter Email Templates for SendBlaster

So, Easter is on its way again. Are you ready to send your Easter greetings (or maybe some dedicated promotions) to your subscribers with an Easter email template?

This year we are glad to offer you two great collections of Easter email templates.

1) The first collection is composed by 34 free Easter email templates (24 are responsive) created with MailStyler – the brand new newsletter creator that allows you to build professional templates without writing a single line of code!

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Download easter templates

How to use these Easter templates?


1. Download the whole set of templates

2. Extract the zip file

3. Open MailStyler (or download if you don’t have it yet)

3. Click “Open” on the horizontal menu

4. Choose your favorite Easter template

5. Add or remove blocks, change styles, colors and fonts with a simple series of drag and drops.

Once you have finished, you can simply export your customized template as .eml or .html file into SendBlaster (or any into other email marketing software).

Each template comes with two formats: “.eml” and “.mailstyler“: “.mailstyler” files can be opened (and edited) only with MailStyler. For this reason, if you still do not have MailStyler installed on your PC, download and configure it now. You will see how easy  is to design and customize awesome newsletters in few seconds.


2) The second collection comes with 20 Easter Email Templates in “.eml” format that you can download, edit and finally send to your recipients with SendBlaster without the need of Mailstyler. In this template collection, you will find also 3 responsive email templates, which will look great on any device.

Download Easter Email Templates

How to get started:

  1. Download this zip file [1,0 MB]
  2. Extract and copy .eml files in C:/Documents/SendBlaster3/template
  3. Open SendBlaster (or download a free copy)
  4. Select “Compose message”
  5. Click on “Choose template”
  6. Choose your favorite Easter email template
  7. Customize your template with your logo, your fonts…
  8. Add your customized message

Done! Now you are ready to send your custom Easter email.

Happy Easter everyone!

Please note that this package contains a number of templates we already provided in the past. If you have already downloaded them, there will be no issues. We did not rename them, so you will not find any duplicates in your copy of SendBlaster.

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