How to Export Address Data and Print Labels with Labeljoy

Do you need to create and print labels from your SendBlaster mailing list?
With label printing software Labeljoy you can automatically import all your SendBlaster data, such as names, addresses, emails, phone numbers in a very simple way. Everything is automated: you will be able to create and print custom labels with just a few clicks of your mouse.

What is Labeljoy?
Labeljoy is a versatile, easy-to-use software  that allows you to create and print labels for envelope letters, business cards, badges and more.
One of the main features of Labeljoy is the ability to connect to various external databases (such as Microsoft Excel, Access, Outlook, .csv files, MySql…) and use the imported data in the labels. You can import any kind of data: text, images, barcodes and design your customized labels.

How to load your SendBlaster data into Labeljoy
Check out this video tutorial to learn how to connect SendBlaster with Labeljoy and create custom labels in few minutes. To get started:

  1. open Labeljoy
  2. click the Project menu tab
  3. choose Link data source
  4. select The data is stored in an address book option
  5. click on SendBlaster (enter the password if active).

In few steps, you will be able to load SendBlaster data into Labeljoy and design your labels.

You can download Labeljoy and try it for free. Please note that it is not a simple free trial: Labeljoy Free is fully functional and does not expire!