How to Create the Perfect Email Teaser Campaign

Building a solid email list is hard. You need to gain the trust of your subscribers by providing real useful information. You need to segment your list so that everyone gets exactly what they want. You need to constantly monitor your bounces and prune your list to keep it updated.

Now that you have built a great list, you get to take advantage of it. An email teaser campaign can help you build buzz about an upcoming product or service – enough buzz that people will be lining up to buy it even before it goes on sale.

What is a Teaser Campaign?
A teaser campaign is just what it sounds like. With a teaser campaign, you use your list of existing contacts to build buzz and generate excitement about an upcoming product. No matter what the product is, you can use an email teaser campaign to get your list subscribers excited about it.

What Benefits Can It Bring?
The beauty of using an email teaser campaign is that the benefits can stretch far beyond your existing list. If you succeed in getting your list subscribers excited about your upcoming product, chances are they will share their excitement with their friends.

In the world of social media, the buzz you generate will go far beyond the people who already look forward to your email messages. If everyone who receives your teaser email shares the information with just ten friends, you have multiplied the scope of your product tenfold.

When Can a Teaser Campaign Be Profitable?
While an email teaser campaign can be a great way to build buzz and excitement, it is not always the best choice. It is important to look at a number of factors to make sure an email teaser campaign will be profitable in your case.

In order to be effective, the product you are touting must have a compelling story – something that readers can get behind and get excited about. While many products fit this description, others do not. Knowing the difference can help you determine the best course of action.

You will also need to make sure you have enough content to justify sending multiple emails .If all your teaser emails repeat the same points, you run the risk of alienating your list members.

If the product you have created meets the criteria outlined above, you can benefit from an email teaser campaign. When properly used, an email teaser campaign can be remarkably effective and a great way to build the word-of-mouth advertising that will help you succeed and sell more products.

As you can see, an email teaser campaign can be good for you and your business. These simple tips can help you put together a winning email teaser campaign that gets results.

  • Determine your goal before you begin. Do you want to build traffic for an upcoming website launch? Do you want to get pre-orders for a new product? Are you touting a new contest for your subscribers? Knowing what you want to achieve will make your teaser campaign more effective.
  • Build buzz with a compelling story. Your email teaser campaign should tell a compelling story – one that subscribers will find irresistible and too good not to share. Think about ways to entice your list members and get them to share their excitement with their real-world and social media friends.
  • Create a four-part plan. An email teaser campaign is not a single entity; it is actually a four-part strategy. The four parts of a successful email teaser campaign include the tease itself (something that will get the attention of the reader), the introduction (a look at what the product is all about and what is in it for the buyer), the buildup (creating excitement and interest in your readers) and the conclusion (what your readers have been waiting for).
  • Test and revise your message to maximize effectiveness. Testing is a critical part of any email marketing campaign, and it is certainly important for a teaser campaign. You should constantly be tweaking your message and testing it for maximum effectiveness.
  • Make your emails as accessible as possible. Test your messages to make sure they are easily readable across a wide variety of email platforms and formats, use text instead of images for important headlines and critical content and utilize alt tags with real useful content.

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