7 Inexcusable Errors in Email Marketing

In the world of email marketing, some errors are easy to make, while others are nearly inexcusable. Newcomers to email marketing often make errors as they learn the ropes and get to understand the rules, but those mistakes should lessen as time goes by.

It is important to remember that even experienced pros can make mistakes in email marketing. Even so, some errors should never happen. Making even one of these significant blunders could ruin all your hard work or even kill your business.

#1 – Spelling Errors and Grammatical Problems
There is simply no excuse for misspelled or misused words in your web content or email messages. If your recipients see misspelled words, grammatical errors and other glaring problems, they will question your professionalism and wonder whether you can be trusted.

Spam messages are notorious for misspelled words, translation problems and grammatical errors. Making those same mistakes could cause large numbers of recipients to label your messages as spam – and that could kill your business.

#2 – Hiding the Unsubscribe Button
If you give your list members quality content and information they can use, they will want to keep getting your messages – and even look forward to them. Hiding the unsubscribe button – or not providing one – is the hallmark of a spammer.

Not providing an easy-to-spot unsubscribe button is also against the law in many countries. That simple error could destroy your business and your reputation.

#3 – Flooding the Airwaves
Your subscribers should want to hear from you, but not every day and not too much. Sending out too many messages can be very annoying to your subscribers, and too frequent contacts could even cause loyal customers to unsubscribe from your list.

It is important to test response rates regularly to determine the right frequency for your messages. Some list members may prefer weekly messages, while others wish to be contacted more or less often.

#4 – Dead Links
Even a single dead link in your email message could torpedo your credibility and send customers fleeing. It is simply not excusable to have dead links in the emails you send to your subscribers.

It only takes a few minutes to test each of your links before sending a message. You should never send any email without thoroughly checking every aspect of the message, from the embedded links and images to the spelling and grammar.

#5 – Making False Claims
Chances are your product cannot cure cancer, and it will not make anyone’s life perfect. Making outlandish, false or unproven claims will not gain you many fans, but it could get you labeled as a spammer or a scam artist.

Customers are more sophisticated than ever before; they literally have the world at their fingertips. If you make false claims in  your emails, you will quickly be found out – and lose your reputation as a result.

#6 – Sending the Same Message Over and Over Again
Smart email marketers know that they need to vary their messages and target their audiences. Sending the same message to every subscriber on your list or sending the same message over and over again is simply inexcusable.

In this age of micro-targeting and easily available demographics, there is simply no excuse for not segmenting your list. Breaking up your list makes it easy to give everyone exactly what they want, and that can boost your response rates substantially.

#7 – Not Learning from Your Mistake
Making mistakes is understandable, but making the same mistake over and over again is simply inexcusable. If you do make a mistake, you need to determine what you did wrong and look for ways to do better.

Doing your homework, examining your response rates and taking steps to reduce bounces are all things you can do to learn from your mistakes and make every new email marketing campaign more effective than the one that preceded it.

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