How to Create Emotional Emails and Get More Results


An emotional appeal can be extremely effective in the world of marketing. The people who create radio and TV spots have known this for years, and email marketers are using the same techniques to make a connection with their viewers and get better results.

This appeal to the emotions of consumers is so important that it has its own name. Marketers use the term emotional branding to describe the process of building a brand that appeals directly to the needs, aspirations and emotional state of the consumer. Building an emotional connection with the consumer can be good for both consumer and marketer, and the trust that is created is extremely valuable to the email marketer.

On a practical level, emotional branding drives consumer engagement, builds trust and creates more sales. No matter how many facts and figures consumers have, it is how they feel about a product that matters. Consumers who feel an emotional connection to a given product are much more likely to buy – and to become loyal customers.

Practical Tips for Creating an Effective Emotional Marketing Campaign

Building an emotional connection with your audience is not easy. Successful branding requires a lot of work, and it takes time to build trust with your audience. Appealing to your audience on an emotional level is essential, and these tips can help you get started.

  • Use the proper design – A well-designed email is always more likely to get results, and the right design can create the emotional connection you need. Testing your email campaigns to make sure they look great on mobile devices and traditional computers should be part of everything you do.
  • Make your content visually appealing – If your emails are to be effective, they need to be valuable to your customers. Building compelling visual content into your email campaigns helps to build trust and fosters the kind of emotional connection that drives sales.
  • Offer visual anticipation – Building compelling email content creates anticipation among your viewers and makes them eager to see what you have to say. Anticipation is a powerful emotion, and creating it is a great way to boost your response rates.
  • Provide trust and joy – The emails you create should be informative and educational, but they should also be compelling on an emotional level. A well-placed joke or clever graphic can bring a smile to the reader’s face and brighten their day.
  • Engage the curiosity of the reader – An intriguing subject line can make the viewer eager to read your email, and great content can make them glad they took the time to do so.

Appealing to your customers on an emotional level can be good for your brand and your bottom line. Creating that kind of personal connection can be difficult, but email marketers who master it stand to do very well. Creating an emotional connection does not mean pandering to the viewer or saying what they want to hear. A true emotional connection means caring about your customers, taking their needs into consideration and providing them with something of lasting value.

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