MailStyler: A New Drag and Drop Newsletter Creator Software

We are thrilled to introduce a brand new newsletter creator: MailStyler.
MailStyler allows anyone to create stunning newsletter templates with a simple series of drag and drops. In short, you will be able to create 100% compatible templates in seconds, without any coding, simply dragging and dropping MailStyler ready-made elements.

The newsletter templates created with MailStyler will look perfect on all email clients and webmails. They can be exported as an .eml or .html with one click and used on SendBlaster or on other email clients.

How MailStyler works
To get started, download the demo version of MailStyler and install it on your PC.
You will be able to use it forever (the Demo has no expiry date!).  If you choose the paid versions (Base or Pro), the payment is one-off with no type of extra fees.  In particular, with MailStyler Pro you will get access to over 2000 images in high resolution and unlimited free cloud space, which allows you to store all the images added in your templates on MailStyler’s dedicated cloud.

To learn how to create a newsletter template in 2 minutes with MailStyler, check out this video:

Designing amazing email templates is literally at your fingertips—it’s never been easier or faster.

Get started with MailStyler!