How to Use the Blacklist Feature

When a recipient requests to be unsubscribed, you should change his/her subscription state.  SendbBlaster gives you a second chance: the “blacklist” feature.
Blacklist is a filter that prevents certain e-mail addresses or domains from receiving mails, independently from their subscription/activation state.

How does it work?
When you send a message to a given list, before each mail is actually sent, Sendblaster checks whether the recipient’s address or domain is included in the blacklist: if it is, that mail is skipped and a “blacklisted” message will be shown in the log panel.

You can setup two different blacklists:

  • Addresses blacklist: all these e-mail addresses will never receive a mass emailing
  • Domains blacklist: no address belonging to that domain will ever be sent a message.

There are three ways to fill these blacklists:

  • as free text. Be sure that each row contains one address / domain.
  • copy to / paste from the clipboard, in order to manage blacklists with third party software
  • by pressing Edit with Notepad button to open a blacklist with Windows’ built-in text editor. In this case program execution stops until you finish editing and close Notepad.

Here is an example of a valid addresses blacklist setup

and a valid domains blacklist:


Please remember to avoid  wildcards (”*”) and third level domain names (”www.”):