How to Work with Preview Panes

Statistics show that 69% of people reading e-mail at work and 27% of consumers don’t actually open each email message: they use the preview pane to scan them.
What is the preview pane? It’s that space where reader can automatically view just a small portion of an email message without actually opening. In other words for marketers, it’s a very important factor for successful newsletters.

The top of your newsletters should be designed to persuade your subscribers to open your email to keep reading.
Here some advices that can help you to optimize your templates in order to make more effective preview panes.

  • Include relevant content so that it can be viewed in the preview pane even if images are disabled:
  • Use a pre-header (text-only) to convey high-value content, e.g. including a call to action (Buy now, Sign up here,…)
  • Add your prominent logo or company name. It will improve the authenticity of your message.

  • Don’t waste space with big images. Keep your newsletter headers short. (150 pixels high is enough).
  • Dont’ forget ALT tags with all images in case they are blocked. However some email clients will not even display the ALT tags in the preview pane.
  • Include a link to the web version of your newsletter.

Whether your email subscribers are B2B or B2C, friendly preview panes will allow to reach your customers in a more effective way.  The first few paragraphs of your newsletter together with the subject line could really determine the succcess or failure of your next email marketing campaign. Use them wisely!