13 HTML Email Tips

Every time you create a new HTML email you should check that it works properly across email clients and platforms. In this post we’ve listed a couple of “golden rules” regarding html emails.  Do you already follow them?

  1. Keep your HTML emails no larger than 650 pixels wide.
  2. E-mails file size around 50 kilobytes. Not larger than 100 kilobytes.
  3. Do not try to use CSS. They do not render properly in emails: we recommend using INLINE styles.
  4. Use ALT Tags for images, most email clients do not show images when the email loads in the preview pane.
  5. Include a web link to read your email online.
  6. Don’t send Image only emails. Spam filters could flag them as spam.
  7. Use simple and bold headlines: a clear “Call to Action” can grab your readers’ attention.
  8. Use the top of your email template to include your key content.
  9. Provide a text-based version of your email available to those who do not want to, or cannot view HTML.
  10. Put your images on your website instead of embedding them in your emails.
  11. Avoid Flash. Most email programs simply don’t render Flash by default. Instead, create an animated GIF.
  12. Don’t put forms. Instead, direct readers to a page on your website to collect information using forms.
  13. Validate your HTML content to ensue that there is no incorrect or broken HTML coding . You can check it via http://validator.w3.org.