No-reply@ = No conversations

conversations_matterWhat contradiction! Many companies keep using a no-reply email address for their email marketing campaigns and then ask you to “Get Social” on Facebook and Twitter.

The no-reply@ addresses represent an old (and rude) practice that should be abandoned. Email marketing is, first of all, an effective way to build a relationship with your customers. So, if you have a no-reply address, it means that you really don’t want to talk to your subscribers (and potential clients). It’s a matter of credibility!

The best solution is to use your valid email address. If you do not want to receive the replies to your personal account, then use rules to filter out those messages or set up a new inbox and check it regularly.

We are living the age of Social Media. You should create response  and help move the customer from awareness to interest and get them ready to hand over to sales.