Do You Care About Hard and Soft Bounces? Spammers Don’t

How many email addresses in your lists are invalid or not reachable?
Nowadays a clean list is a must.  If your list contains a significant number of invalid e-mail addresses, the ISPs may think you are trying to spam and stop delivering your e-mails.   Let’s see how to increase deliverability managing bounce-backs with SendBlaster.
First, let’s define them. There are two main types of bounce-backs:
Hard bounces: the e-mail message could not be delivered because the recipient’s address is invalid (domain name or host doesn’t exist, the recipient it unknown). These errors indicate a permanent problem.
Soft bounces: the email message reaches the recipient mail server but not the recipient (recipient’s mailbox is full, server is temporarily down, message is too long). These errors are generally temporary. Most email service providers will attempt to deliver the email message for a few days. If it is still undelivered, it becomes a hard bounce.

SendBlaster can automatically recognize most bounced e-mails and unsubscribe or delete bounced addresses in the selected list.

To download  Hard/Soft bounces from your list:
– Go to Manage bounce-backs section
– Select your distribution list
– Enter your POP3 acount details (regarding the email address used for your sending!)
– Verify the parameters by clicking on Test connection button
– Enable “Process hard bounces” and/or “Process soft bounces”
– Press Download

By clicking on the Download button, the new messages will be downloaded and the selected distribution list will be updated (as well as all other lists that use the same e-mail address for bounce-backs).

All the bounced addresses will be unsubscribed from the selected list. If you want to automatically delete them be sure to enable “Delete bounced addresses” before pressing Download.
Please note that when you enable “Keep a copy of the messages on the server“, SendBlaster will download new messages without deleting them from the server.

We strongly suggest to repeat this operation at regular intervals of time. You will be able to control your deliverability and protect your reputation.

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