Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Email Marketing MistakesEmail Marketing can be an easy method to build relationships with your customers,  increase traffic and sales. But do you handle it correctly? Let’s take a look at some bad habits that “beginners” and “pros” make when they get into email marketing.
Here are some common errors to avoid.

Sending without permission
It is very important to follow all spam rules and regulations. If you want to run an email marketing campaign, you must have permission from every single one of your recipients. And you must offer a way for recipients to unsubscribe of your mailings.

Poor From/Subject lines
Your readers will decide weather to open or ignore your emails in few seconds. It’s important that your Form fields include your company name or website address (not your name). As regards subject lines make them short (6-8 words long) and relevant. Avoid generic lines such as “50% off now”.

Unclear call to action
If you want to get a result from your campaigns you need a clear call to action. Do your readers should visit your website? Buy something? Share or publish their comments?

Too much/Too little
If you send too many emails your readers may not appreciate them . On the contrary if your email campaigns are rare or irregular they could ignore them because they do not remember who you are. Make sure to indentify the optimum level and then crete a fiexed schedule. what your audience wants.

Errors in emails.
Poor grammar, broken links, words mispelled. What a lack of professionalism! Make sure to avoid them with some careful editing.

Not testing your campaign
Don’t be in a rush! Before sending to your entire email list, test out different subject lines, content, etc with a small number of people first.