Free and Paid SMTP Services

“What SMTP service do you suggest to use with SendBlaster?” This is a question that customers often ask us.
We continue to emphasize that good email marketing needs good SMTP service. In these times there is a wide choice of free SMTP services, offered by different ISPs, hosting companies and Webmail providers. The point is that they do not always perform well. Moreover they usually place a limit on the number of emails you can send within a certain time period and they can change their outbound email policy at any time without any prior notification.

If you send out small mailings and you are not concerned over poor performances they could represent a valid solution. If you do frequent or large mailings, and you find out that lots of messages being not delivered or filtered as spam, you should consider a dedicated SMTP service. It’s the best technical choice and, used with a desktop mailer as SendBlaster, is still much cheaper than any ESP. To meet these needs we have partnered with turboSMTP, a leading world-wide email delivery provide. By using this professional service don’t have to guess whether your deliveries will go throughConfiguration is easy and you’ll be able to get your mailing out no matter what the circumstance.