Email Marketing: Four Email Errors That Can Cost You Subscribers

We all know that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach new customers. If you’re not capturing customers’ email addresses and sending them useful information, you’re missing out on sales. But there’s a right way and a wrong way to do email marketing – and many companies do it the wrong way. Here are four of the worst email marketing mistakes companies make – and how to avoid them.

1 – Contacting the Customer Too Frequently or Not Frequently Enough
Some companies make the mistake of sending emails to customers every day, sometimes more than once That’s one of the quickest ways to get a customer to unsubscribe. Most people are flooded with emails and offers, and they’re ready to hit the delete button when your email arrives too often. At the other extreme, some companies capture customers’ email addresses and rarely follow up. Contact the customer too frequently, and you’ll be labeled a pest. But if you rarely send them anything, they may forget they signed-up and think you’re a spammer. For most customers, emailing once or twice a month is reasonable.

2- Trying Too Hard to Sell
Customers hate being sold to. Don’t turn your email into a sales pitch. Provide your customers with useful information and a link to your site. Give them something of value, and they’ll look forward to your emails – and you’ll be rewarded with repeat business. Ask yourself what of value you can offer your customers instead of thinking in terms of what you can sell them. They’ll love you for it – and it’ll show in your bottom line.

3 – Using an Overly Promotional Subject Line
Your subject line is one the most important factors that determines whether your email message gets read. Some marketers use hyped-up subject lines like “Last Chance to Get in on This Incredible Offer” to wow customers. Not such a good idea. According to a study published by Marketing Sherpa, customers are move likely to open emails that have “boring” subject lines rather than promotional messages. Something as simple as your company name followed by “newsletter” is more likely to get a response than a hyped-up subject line. Keep your subject lines hype-free if you want it to get read.

4 – Sloppily Constructed Emails
Emails should be easy on the eyes and simple for a customer to read. Use a graphic or photo, but stick with one bold one rather than a sea of confusing images. Use lots of white space in your emails to make them easier to read – and avoid long drawn-out sentences and paragraphs. Begin emails with a warm greeting to establish rapport with your customer before launching into the meat of the email. This builds trust.
Another business killer? Sending emails with spelling and punctuation errors. Use a spell-checker, proofread, and have someone else proofread again before sending any type of correspondence to your customer.

Email marketing is a great way to get your message across, and keep in touch with your customers. To maximize returns, avoid making these email errors that will cost you business – and subscribers. Make sure your emails offer valuable information and are easy to read.

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