The Power of Testimonials in Email Marketing

We all know the importance of using customer testimonials on web sites.  People need the security and comfort of knowing that other people have appreciated what you have to offer. This is really a very basic part of any marketing strategy and if you think about it you will also choose to go with a service that other people tried and like rather than opt for uncharted territory.

But can customer testimonials work also in an email marketing strategy?  To answer this question you must put yourself in the shoes of the recipient of your message.

When you use email marketing to spread your message you must remember that you are talking to real people who think and act much like you. If what you have to offer is interesting enough to them, they will most likely search you out by visiting your site or even contact you to learn more. This is the first step, but what will make them go for your service or product wholeheartedly? Real and positive testimonials! This is how the world works. If you need to have your house painted and your says that Willy’s Paint is the best, you will go for it.

If your email marketing include testimonials that say that you’ve got what it takes, people will naturally feel that you are a good and serious option. This is why you should never underestimate the power of testimonials in email marketing and make sure to include them in your newsletters and online presentations. Just remember that your testimonials must be real and candid for the desired effect.

Testimonials can be an important part of successful email marketing. Real, high quality, testimonials are a sign of experience and acceptance which will help your email marketing gain ground and power.

*Image credits: Impression Through Media