How to Write Promotional Emails

Promotional emails must have a good format to fill their purpose. Without a proper format your promotional email
won’t even be read and it will just be a waste of time and words. Here are some important points for how to format a clear and effective promotional email. Keep them in mind to achieve the results you are looking for with your email marketing.

Heading and Intro
The first thing people see when they get your promotional email is the heading, so you must make sure to write one that creates curiosity. There are many methods for this and you can easily pick up some tips online for how to write a catchy heading for a promotional email. Right after the heading the reader will find the introduction. This is where you spell out, in 1-3 sentences, what your email is about. The introduction must be clear and inviting.

The Pitch
After the heading and intro comes the pitch which is where you tell the reader what you want them to do. It is important to know that many readers skim through this part. This means that you must find a way to catch their attention to get them to return to the top again and read your promotional message. This can be done by proper format of the text. Work with sub headings that are bold and paragraphs that are easy to read. Making the navigation of your promotional newsletter easy will get more people to actually read what you want to say and hopefully do what you suggest.

Tell Them What and Where
Don’t forget to be clear about action. You might think that your promotional email is easy to understand but without statements like “call me at…” or “shop xxx now…” your readers might actually miss the point of your letter. You must also include a clear way of contact through links and regular contact information. A reader should never have to search for this information! You also want to include some sort of “About” by your contact information. This will give your promotional email a personal feeling.