The New TrackReports is Online!

TrackReports is one of the most useful tools for analysis and monitoring of your email campaigns. It integrates seamlessly with SendBlaster, being able to provide very important data with extreme accuracy for proper management of your mailing.
Today it is even richer and more user-friendly features!

Here is the news:

1 -New graphics
A more original and professional design will make browsing more pleasant and intuitive.

2 – Improved performances and databases
The loading of pages, the calculation of statistics and links to databases have been optimized to make more fluid navigation through the system and reporting.

3 – Multilingual support
Soon, the assistance will be provided also in the main foreign languages ​​such as Spanish, Portuguese, German and French.

4 – More compact link format
The URL that will form the tracking link has been reduced and will be more readable, for example, for the recipient that can view text only emails.

5 – Interactive reports
A new chart will allow you to view your reports grouped by intervals of time. You can then analyze the information with greater accuracy.

6 – List of links by click
You will have an additional filter for your analysis. In fact, with this new feature, you’ll know exactly who has clicked on each link.

7 – Messages section
It has been created a special area to keep system communications in a safe place. If for some reason, some messages were lost, this is the place to find him.

8 – Open Charts
The graphics, now, can also be displayed by devices that are not compatible with Flash. This makes your data available from 100% of actual smartphones.

Today TrackReports is used for free by most SendBlaster  users. Everyone, whether private or professional, can sign up and try it immediately.