Updates on TrackReports

Recently, a large spam abuse occurred on TrackReports service. While TrackReports – as all of you know – is not a delivery service, and it just tracks opens and clicks as many other similar systems, thousands of spam messages have been circulating, which included TrackReports’ url in their body. The service administrators have constantly being managing spam complaints and deleting spammers accounts; but that apparently has not been enough. As a result, even if TrackReports is not responsible for sending out the spam, some important antispam organization blacklisted the domain and requested the service to be suspended until appropriate countermeasures could be taken.

While TrackReports has always been offered as a free beta service, and SendBlaster offers another effective way of tracking (Google Analytics), we are perfectly aware that many users are relying upon it for tracking their mailings, so we are working hard at making the service available again as soon as possible – please rest reassured that this is our top priority at the moment.

The good news is, the service will be improved: it will work in a slightly different way, requesting users to expose their own urls through a simple technical update – with the additional benefit of each user not depending upon other users’ good behaviour, and ultimately improving deliverability and good users’ reputation.

We are committed to make the improved service back available very soon. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Update: As we promised, the system is now back online! In order to access it you need to download and install SendBlaster 2.0.130 beta (the update is free for SendBlaster 2.x users, as usual):


TrackReports now uses a different link tracking method, called MyTracking, which will require that you perform a simple technical task (uploading a file to your web server) before you are able to track new mailings. We have published two pages (which you can also access from SendBlaster when you click on “TrackReports” button in the editor) about the new features:

MyTracking (features and installation)

FAQ for previous edition’s users