5 Things You Can Do to Impress Your Subscribers

These days it is not unusual for people to get dozens, or even hundreds, of emails during the course of the day. With all of those messages piling up, it is no wonder so many of them are deleted without even being read. Even emails that are opened are often given only a few seconds consideration, so it is more important than ever to impress your subscribers with every email you send.

If you have been doing email marketing for awhile, you probably track a number of statistics to see how your various campaigns are doing. You no doubt look at things like open rates, click rates and the like. If you do not like what you see, now is the perfect time to tweak your strategy and recapture your audience.

Fortunately, there are a number of things you can do to turn things around and engage your subscribers again. Simply sending the same old messages with the same old content will not do – you need to make some changes if you are to stay on top.

  • Everyone Loves Prizes
    A chance to win is always a great enticement, so consider starting a contest for your subscribers. Many marketers already use contests and giveaways effectively, and there is no reason you cannot as well.
    When designing your contests, think about the kinds of prizes you would love to win, then plan accordingly. Prizes like iPods, iPads and other tablet computers and gift cards to Amazon, iTunes and other online stores are sure to be a big hit with your subscribers.
  • Dress Up Your Template
    If you have been using the same email template for awhile, your early subscribers have probably seen it dozens of times. Spruce things up with a brand new email template, complete with bright primary colors, animated gifs and other eye-catching attributes. Be sure to choose an email template that is fully compatible with the latest mobile devices. A growing number of users use tablets and smart phones to check their email, and the percentage is likely to rise even more in future years.
  • Give Your Subscribers a Bonus
    Everyone wants to feel appreciated, so why not offer your loyal subscribers a free trial, a free ebook or an exclusive coupon code? Those kinds of special offers show that you appreciate your subscribers and their loyalty. Coupons and bonus offers can also drive sales and improve response rates and referrals. Subscribers who get a great deal on your products are likely to share their good fortune with family members and friends.

  • Deliver Value Content
    Do not just focus on your products or your offer. Impress your subscribers by adding useful information to your emails. Send them exclusive information on the subject that they are dying to know about, or give them some useful ideas.
  • Keep Your Content Timely
    Watching for trends and keeping track of current events can be a great way to capture the interest of your subscribers. Working current events, from the latest sports contests to the hottest TV shows, into your marketing campaign can be quite effective. You do not need to overwhelm subscribers with emails about the daily news – just watch for trends that could indicate a new marketing opportunity.

Survey Says
In general, you cannot truly know what your subscribers think until you ask them. For this reason, consider designing an easy to use survey to gauge the feelings of those on your mailing list. A survey can be quite revealing – the anonymity of the internet tends to provide honest feedback. You may be able to improve survey response by offering prizes and other incentives. Subscribers who complete the survey could be offered an exclusive coupon code, or an entry into a contest to win a gift card or other prize.
The survey results may help you to understand what subscribers want from you and what you do not offer. Some important data that you should take into serious consideration in order to re-gain the “attention” of your subscribers.

Image credits: Flickr.com/bluebike

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