SendBlaster 4: the best Bulk Email Software for Email Marketing

How often should I send newsletters for maximum effectiveness?

Here’s the secret to finding the right Send frequency for your emails   Newsletters are an incredibly powerful tool for effective communication. Their superpowers are…

How to Create and Send a Newsletter Using SendBlaster

In this post we give step-by-step instructions for sending email newsletters using our email marketing software, SendBlaster. In a nutshell, SendBlaster provides all you need…

5 Things You Can Do to Impress Your Subscribers

These days it is not unusual for people to get dozens, or even hundreds, of emails during the course of the day. With all of…

Email Marketing: What is Above the Fold and Why is it So Important

  In the newspaper world, “above the fold” referred to the top part of the newspaper – the portion clearly visible when customers browsed the…

What Do You Want to Know About Your Subscribers?

The toughest part of email marketing begins after the copy has been written and the messages have gone out. As the open rates, the clickthroughs…

Create Content That Readers Trust

What do you think it would take to have an open rate of 40 percent? Maybe you’d need to do lots of A/B testing? Perhaps…

Create a Newsletter You Could Sell, Not Just a Newsletter That Sells

You work hard to persuade people to join your subscriber list. You might have created a free product that they can download in return for…

Animated GIFs in Your Email Marketing

Is it appropriate to use animated GIFs in emails?  The number of marketers using animation in emails has declined in recent years but has recently…


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