OT-Care uses SendBlaster to manage email lists collected offline

OT-Care is a small business based in Blacksburg (VA), US, providing software programs that are designed to help children with disabiities to use a computer keyboard.
It’s owned and operated by a single person, Sue Hossack, who develops software and offers consulting on assistive technology solutions.
Sue usually demonstrates her software at conferences and on these occasions she collects email addresses from attendees.

When she started her business she used to manage her emails with Thunderbird but soon she understood that she needed a more complete and powerful email tool.
She started looking for an affordable solution and eventually she chose SendBlaster.

“Now I use SendBlaster to send out emails every time I release new software or apps,” said Sue, “and this happens about every four months.”

Over the last few years, she has managed to build a small but extremely targeted email list comprised of 500 subscribers, primarily educational teachers as well as speech and occupational therapists.

“Thanks to SendBlaster I’m now able to inform a large number of people to tell them about my products.
So far, I have sold over 60 apps and all of those have been a result of my SendBlaster emails” – stated Sue.

We finally asked Sue if she would recommend SendBlaster.
She told us that she would definitely recommend SendBlaster “because it is easy to use, allows me to send out a lot of emails even though my smtp server has a limit, and I like the way I can us HTML to build a professional-looking message.”

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