Email Marketing for Local Governments

email marketing for local governments

Email marketing is most closely associated with the world of business, but government agencies can benefit from these techniques as well. The same concepts that make email marketing successful for local businesses can also benefit local governments. Local government agencies can use email marketing to communicate a host of important things – from the date of an upcoming election to a new proposal for a water treatment plant.

Politicians have been using email marketing as part of their campaigns for well over a decade. Many people attribute recent electoral victories – at least in part – to the wise use of email and social media. Those politicians have learned that email marketing is often cheaper – and more effective – than direct mail and other forms of voter outreach.

Why Should Local Governments Use Email Marketing Techniques?
Many local governments have come to the same conclusion about email marketing – namely that this type of marketing is both cost effective and easy to use. The cost effectiveness of email marketing is even more important for local governments – who do not have the unlimited funds the Federal government has to work with. Every penny counts when it comes to local government, and email is one of the least expensive ways to get the word out. For this reason, SendBlaster can be the perfect solution to manage all their email marketing activities (with no recurring fees!).

Email is also one of the fastest ways for local governments to communicate with their residents. Just about everyone has an email addressed these days, and the rising use of smart phones and other mobile devices allows people to check their email frequently throughout the day. When there is a time-sensitive issue of importance to local residents email provides the perfect communication platform.

Direct and Interactive Communication
One of the challenges local governments often face is a disinterested, apathetic voter base. Many people do not bother to educate themselves about local issues or vote in local elections. Email marketing provides a way for local governments to reach out to their residents and try to engage them directly.

Email marketing also provides an interactive way for local residents to communicate their concerns with those in a position to help. By providing an email address and direct contact information, county commissioners, township planners and other officials can invite residents to submit their ideas and get the answers they need, making local government more responsive to the needs of those they serve.

When election time rolls around, email marketing can be even more valuable as a campaign tool. Smart local government officials will have already laid the groundwork for their reelection campaigns by communicating directly with voters. As election day approaches, those officials can use the same email techniques to reach out to residents and ask for their votes. Best of all, this type of outreach can be done for a fraction of the cost of traditional campaigning.

With all these benefits it is no wonder so many local governments are discovering the power of email marketing.

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